Oakland Unite

All Oakland Unite’s programs target our highest risk community members and neighborhoods, with a particular focus on interrupting violence now as it is occurring. Programs supported by Oakland Unite use data-driven approaches that cover a spectrum of activities from:

  • crisis intervention for 0-5 year old children exposed to violence
  • commercially sexually exploited children interventions
  • domestic violence interventions
  • young adult reentry support to head off new offenses
  • school-based programs to reduce gang involvement
  • crisis response to support family members who have been impacted by violence
  • direct street outreach for interruption of brewing violence in Oakland’s most violent hotspot areas.

Overview of Measure Y

Oakland Unite is funded by tax-payer dollars through Measure Y.  Passed by Oakland voters on November 2, 2004, Measure Y provides approximately $19 million every year for ten years to fund violence prevention programs, additional police officers, and fire services. Measure Y funds are generated through a new parcel tax along with a parking surcharge in commercial lots.

Fire Safety - $4 million annually. 
Measure Y funding eliminates Fire Department rotating station closures so that all fires stations are now open 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Violence Prevention Programs  – 40% of remaining Measure Y revenue (approximately $5 million annually). 
Violence prevention programs administered through the Oakland Department of Human Services are designed to work together with community policing to provide a continuum of support for high risk youth and young adults.  Interventions reach out to those children, youth and young adults most at risk for committing and/or becoming victims of violence.

Police Services  – 60% of remaining Measure Y revenue (approximately $9 million annually)
. Measure Y enhances Oakland’s Community Policing program by adding new Problem Solving Officers to the Oakland Police Department ranks, as well as additional officers for truancy enforcement, domestic violence, and special victims units.

For more details, read the full text of the Measure Y legislation.

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